Both of our social enterprises, PKP Catering and PKP Shop,  were established to provide employment and income opportunities for PKP women we have trained. They alsoprovide PKP opportunity to be self-sustainable through the profits we raise from these businesses.

Every order and purchase made to our social enterprises will enable us to provide continuous support for our women!

We offer a Full Buffet with a mixed selection of items below that can be prepared for your event. The catering is prepared at one of the locations of the Community Centre and can be transported to the requested location of the customer or can be consumed at the ground of PKP.

We have our own shop where our women in our sewing program sell their products and earn their own income!


PKP’s special program for the women helps a lot of Balinese women and girls.

But who are they and what is their story? 

On this page, we would like to introduce some of the women that make PKP so special, so when you make an order and support the Community Centre, you know who you are doing it for. 

Hover on each photo to see the story of the lady.

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Ibu Ayu

Hello, my name is Ibu Ayu. I have two lovely children. My beautiful daughter is 9 years old. The oldest, my boy is called Panji. My son has autism. That is why I took him to this foundation. I started to teach at the School so I could earn some money and look after my son at the same time.  Three years ago, my husband got paralyzed after having a surgery that went wrong. Now I have to take responsibility of both my kids and my husband, and I’m responsible for the income of our family at the same time. This is not always easy.  I enjoy coming to the centre because it helps my family, and it also is a place where I can have fun and not think about the difficulties in my life.

Ibu Sudiani

Hi my name is Ibu Sudiani. I’m from Buahan village, Payangan district. I married here in Selasih. I live together with my daughter, husband and his grandmother. My father in law has passed away. My mother in law is married to another man.    We have been struggling financially, at the moment we don’t even have a toilet in our home. Sometimes I work at home with my husbands grandmother. Luckily, Ibu Sari has a foundation and it has a shop where I could get a job as a shopkeeper. During the time I also learn and involve in a few different activities that the foundation offers. I like it that I work here, and at the same time learn many things. With the more skills I learned, I’m able to get more income. I am very grateful of the foundation programs running in the village. With my experience with no academic education background, I wish my daughter will get more opportunities and a better life

Ibu Puspawati

I’m married with a man from here in the village Selasih. Together we have two children. No high education academic level, not much life experience and no income often make me have no respect and self esteem  from my husband. ​ Before I got married I used to work at a resort. But now i have stopped working there because I have to look after my kids. Now, through learning many different skills at the foundation I can get more knowledge, and income at the same time. I can work from home and still able to take care of my two sons. ​ Sometimes I join the activities in the village, and also I join many other activities in the foundation. I meet many different women who come to the program, where I can see and grateful of what I have.

Ibu Mawar

Hello, my name is Ibu Mawar. I’m from here: Selasih village, one of the locations of the KIM Women's Centre.    I have 5 children because I only found out about contraception afterward. I had no knowledge about that before. So I kept getting pregnant. Now because four of my children are going to school, I and my husband have to work hard to pay for their education and the daily needs of our family.    I do any kind of work that people offer in the village. I'm also involved in many different programs at the centre and learn more skills to be able to get more income. I’m doing gardening most of the time at the centre where I can get a regular income besides cooking and sewing. 

Ibu Sumartini

I’m from Tabanan regency, the west of Bali. I have two beautiful children. I’m in the process of divorce and at the same time my son got his partner pregnant which is making the situation even more difficult for me. Without money and clarity about the relationship with my husband I had no idea where to go.    I was struggling to find a job. At the centre I finally found a place where I can share my feelings and also get an opportunity to meet many women and learn about the programs. I have so many unpleasant stories to share but I’m happy enough to be in this positive environment. I always try to keep my passion to live a good life. I want to be a role model for my kids and the rest of my family. I want to be independent and successful by working hard, and I hope that I can inspire my children to follow their dreams. 

Ibu Arianti

Hello, my name is Ibu Arianti. I’m from Selasih Village in Payangan, Bali. I have two sons. One has married and the younger one is studying in hospitality high school.    I had to deal with many unpleasant situations and including getting cancer few years ago. This turned my life upside down. We got stuck with hospital bills, and I wasn’t able to work at that time because I had to focus on getting better. At that time my husband was struggling to get enough work, so we had to get a loan from the bank so now we have a lot of debt.   Now, after my recovery, I’m here working to build up our life again. We need the income for my children to go to school and to buy food for our family. In the center I learned to cook, sew, gardening and beauty salon as well. 

Ibu Wartini

Hello, my name is Ni Made Wartini. I have a beautiful family and a happy marriage even though we do not have a lot of money.    As a woman who has an important role in the village, ceremonies make me unable to work outside of the village to help my husband make more money. Which is difficult for me because if there is no ceremony I have to stay at home and I get bored.    Luckily, PKP Community Centre provides programs I can get involved in. Where I can meet other women and learn a lot of things. Some of the programs I am involved in help me get an income for my children’s education. 

Ibu Sriasih

Hello, my name is Ni Wayan Sriasih. Being a wife of a husband who likes doing gambling is not always pleasant.   Gambling makes us poor. I had been fighting a lot to make my husband aware of this problem.    Luckily, there is a foundation providing many different programs to learn many different skills where I can involve to get income and of course my husband has seen my hard effort and this inspired him to try to do better things instead of gambling. Now he has work as a labour and we are able to sent our daughters to get education.

Ibu Rustani

Hello, my name is Ibu Ni Ketut Rustani. Financial issues often make me and my family struggle a lot.    My husband is a construction worker and does not get enough income to take care for our whole family. So I have to work as well. I have a happy family but unfortunately my oldest daughter who is married also struggles financially. She and her family are staying with me. This means that we have to take care of them financially too until her son is old enough to earn money for his family or the husband is able to get a better job.    I am so glad that the PKP Community Centre provides some programs where I can involve and do something to earn money besides selling some Balinese cakes.