Our program is the heart of PKP Community Centre. We were formerly known as KIM Women’s Centre, until we realized that we cannot build women without also building the rest of her family.

We have run plenty of programs for our community, including various skilled-based trainings from cooking to sewing to tempeh-making, that were organized to equip our community with productive skills that can help them generate income to sustain their family.


PKP Community Centre teaches the community members how to prepare classic Balinese food as well as Western-style recipes to increase their future job options. PKP offers a catering service of both traditional and modern Balinese cuisine which is prepared by the trained members. PKP is a non-profit organization, thus all of the proceeds go directly to the centre and the members who cater the order.

To learn more about our catering service, see the menu, and meet the women in the program, head to our PKP Catering page!


PKP Community Centre teaches our women how to sew traditional products which can be sold to create an income for themselves.  The sewing program is one of our foundational programs at PKP Community Centre because it teaches the women valuable skills, enables independence, and provides an income. 

We are always looking for new equipment and fabrics for the sewing class. Specifically, our women are in need of new sewing machines to help make more beautiful products. If you are interested in donating, please go to our donation page.

We also sell products made by our sewing team. All of our products are made sustainably with the planet in mind, and the profit goes to support the women and PKP.


”The most important things in solving family issues and economic issues are education, education, and education”.

PKP Community Centre provides education to our women through different activities, but they also provide classes in subjects like computer and English. 

We are always looking for new teaching materials such as whiteboards, pens, books, laptops, but we are also looking for partners to run classes on various skills to empower all members of the community!


PKP Community Centre always cares about the health of our members. Unfortunately, not all members had proper education about how they can take good care of themselves. That is why this program is necessary. The centre teaches the members about hygiene as well as teaching them to make healthy food in our cooking program so they can take better care of their families.

One class that gives the members a healthy mind and body is yoga class. It brings them rest and it relieves stress. The community centre is always looking for volunteers that would like to teach yoga. Please click below to let us know if you are interested in volunteering!


In October 2017, PKP Community Centre started bamboo bike project, after Sari (PKP founder) learned how to build a bamboo bike. This project is a new way to educate our community and make them more aware of ecological transport. They can make a bamboo bike for their own use, but they can also sell them for additional income.

 The Bamboo Bike teacher was in Bali for a few weeks to teach a few boys in Payangan how to make a bamboo bike. It is a great way for the boys to learn about teamwork, education, and environment.

At PKP Community Centre we like to involve our whole community whenever possible. We have people of all ages and genders working together to create something sustainable and practical.


The gardening program has an overall goal to educate the community members about the importance of taking care of nature.

All of the programs that PKP Community  Centre provides teaches something about the environment, for example, during cooking class the women learn about wasting food and during sewing class about recycling fabrics. One of the most important things to teach Balinese people is about using as little plastic as possible. If you are in Bali, you will see a lot of people burning their plastic which is not good for nature but also not good for their health.

We love having visitors join in with our gardening program, all we ask is that every visitor brings one plant for our garden!


One of the most important programs is the family program. This is because it is the part where the centre helps our women on a psychological level. By doing house visits, PKP Community Centre helps the family situation to be stable and it helps the women to process the pain that they experienced in their life.

Our founder, Sari, often does house visits to see what the family needs. This visit can be just to talk or provide them with some daily needs like toothbrushes, soap, etc. So donations are always helpful!