PKP Community Centre Press Conference

On Friday, 3 July 2020, PKP Community Centre held a press conference at the centre in Selasih. The event was attended by several local and national media, such as Bali Pos and Radar Bali.

On the day of the press conference, the women donned a matching pink cardigan uniform; some were busy preparing delicious dishes for all guests attending the press conference, and the others were busy setting up different corners of the centre, to provide a preview on all PKP programs to show to the journalists during the tour.

Ibu Sari welcomed the journalists by introducing herself before reading the Press Release. The press release consists of all the information about the centre, including information on existing programs and the impact of PKP Centre on the local communities. The press release was followed by Q&A.

By inviting local press to the centre, we hope to generate greater awareness among the Balinese community on what we are trying to achieve through PKP Community Centre. We also seek to connect with similar initiatives taking place in other parts of Bali, so together we can achieve greater impact  for Balinese communities.